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Andrea Ayres writes about comics and representation in pop-culture.

DeConnick and MariNaomi on #visiblewomen: Creating Community and Change One Resource...

  The internet has a tendency to ask questions it doesn't expect or necessarily want answered. There's an almost rhetorical nature to the way questions...

Mine! Comic Anthology Hopes to Benefit Planned Parenthood

Comics and Planned Parenthood, a nonprofit dedicated to reproductive choice and healthcare, may not initially appear as the most obvious of alliances. That’s something...

Walking Dead’s Robert Kirkman Joins Lawusit Against AMC

It's a giant chess game out there in the entertainment world, with streaming giants and known content producers vying for the upper hand. Mark Millar signing with Netflix and Robert Kirkman going with Amazon made headlines on their own, but a new lawsuit makes the reason for Kirkman's new home even more apparent.