Marc Tyler Nobleman is the author of Bill the Boy Wonder, a kids picture book bio of Bill Finger, illustrated by Ty Templeton, and Boys of Steel, a similar bio of Siegel and Shuster illustrated by Ross MacDonald. And he’s depserately looking for video of a particular panel: namely the WonderCon 2014 panel that featured Marc Andreyko, Brian Buccellato, Francis Manapul, and Gail Simone that talked about Bill Finger. It took place on 4/18/14 and there doesn’t seem to be any video footage of it on YouTube or elsewhere, but if a fan video is out there, he’d love to have access to it. 

I know every time I do a panel at a con someone seems to be taping it. And what becomes of them? Shows like SPX and TCAF are great about getting them up on line but others go into the great junk drawer of the world. Anyway, perhaps this is a case where someone can find the relevant video?

If you have it, or know someone who might, please contact Marc at [email protected]. He thanks you profusely!