A new record-setting fad is sweeping the world, and it involves getting lots of people to wear their secret costumes in public. First it was Star Trek characters, now it’s superheroes. Over in Melbourne, AU this weekend, some 1245 people gathered in superhero costumes to set a world record for the largest gathering ever of people so dressed.

Can you imagine how long the line for the restroom was?


  1. Costumed “Freaks”? Really? You’re using the word Freaks on purpose? The News Blog of Comics Culture is perpetuating the stereotype? I expected better of you. How so very disappointing. Wow.

  2. I beleive thst DC was involved to they were screening brave and the bold on the big screen and i also saw some bits from Australian press quoting a WB exec.

  3. My first post got eaten by the spam filter…

    1) The news report (click the link) reports that this was done as part of DC’s 75th anniversary.

    2) As I predicted earlier, girls will dress up as Hit-Girl. (Check out the front left side of the photo at the news site.) I suspect that HG will be this year’s “Joker” at CCI:SD.

    3) How many costumes show up at CCI? If 2%, then it will be quite easy to break this record.

    4) The previous record was set in Dartmouth, NH last August.

  4. I witnessed last August’s event in New Hampshire, which was not sponsored by any comics-industry faction. The DC costumes were the majority by about 4-to-1. The remainder was mostly Hulk and Wolverine.