BUMPER.casewrap-webHow has it escaped the notice of the world for a week that Drawn and Quarterly announced that Gilbert Hernandez’s Bumperhead will debut at San Diego this year? And a cover and preview were released? For shame, comics industry, for shame. Would you ignore the new David Lynch movie? Gilbert Hernandez is our David Lynch. This standalone graphic novel picks up a bit, emotionally and chronologically, from where Beto’s acclaimed Marble Season left off, as described by the previww, with the innocent joy of childhood giving way to disaffected punk youth.

A raw, disaffected, punk rock/glam rock/drunk rock/speed-freak rock coming-of-age story about growing up in America, seen through the eyes of Bobby, or Bumperhead. Told in the subtle yet thought-provoking way that only Gilbert can, Bumperhead follows a life as it zooms by — from childhood bullying to first love to the realities of becoming a (disappointing) grownup.

CANNOT WAIT. BUMPER.interior7-11 BUMPER.interior7-112 BUMPER.interior7-113 BUMPER.interior7-114 BUMPER.interior7-115


  1. At least we don’t have to wait almost a decade between GH’s works. When was Lynch’s last feature? I think I saw Inland Empire in 2007?

    Seeing these Bumperhead pages though, I can’t help but imagine what a punk-rock-Hernandez-reworking of Peter Parker or the Fantastic Four would look like. God, I can’t give up capes.

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