Over the weekend, a trailer for the film Atomic Blonde debuted. It stars Charlize Theron and is directed by last John Wick 1 and 2 director and future Deadpool 2 director David Leitch.

Theron’s ass kicking form in the trailer for everyone talking! As did her comments rolling out the promo for the film at SXSW:

Perhaps nto since Kill Bill has a blonde heroine beaten up people on screen so definitely. As Jalopnik wrote:

But what about Charlize Theron! It is very, very rare we get an action movie with a female lead—especially one where the female lead takes hits and kicks just as much ass as her male counterparts. Not only does Atomic Blonde seem to cure all of this, but it looks like Theron’s character could kick just about anybody’s ass.

While the trailer did its job of getting people excited for the movie, I’d almost forgotten that this is based on a GRAPHIC NOVEL! Except it’s called The Coldest City, which, granted, wouldn’t make as kick-ass a movie title. The book is the creation of writer Antony Johnston, and two volumes have been put out by Oni Press. The first was drawn by Sam Hart, the second by Steven Perkins. As in the movie, The Coldest City (first book in what will eventually be a trilogy) is set in the Cold War era and is a twisty espionage tale about an intrepid MI6 agent trying to solve some murders.

I’m sure the comics connection will get more play in the weeks before this movie opens this summer. But in the meantime, it’s a reminder that even though the odds of that “comic book option” ever resulting in a film are slim….it does happen! The Coldest City and The Coldest Winter were well reviewed but pretty obscure in comics terms. If this movie is a success, comic book fever for even the most little known comics property, will just keep on raging.


  1. Watching the trailer, I wondered if it was an adaptation of Queen & Country. I discovered that it’s obviously not, but strangely enough Antony Johnston is one of the few people outside of Greg Rucka that has written for Queen & Country.

    Either way, I’m certainly interested now in picking up The Coldest City.

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