Since people seem to love spreading my two-word descriptions, here are some that you should absolutely quote out of context any time you like:

“terrific Tezuka”
“brilliant Beto”
“genius Jaime”*
“unbelievable Urasawa”
“fantastic Huizenga”
“great Umezu”
“brilliant Barry”

Okay? I’ll go work up some more this afternoon.

*Alert — NOT consonance! “Jaime” is pronounced “high-meh”


  1. Yes, Heidi.

    It’s HIGH-zenga.

    According to the Library of Congress’s online pronunciation guide, “Huizenga,” as in H. Wayne, has three syllables with a schwa sound at the end, whereas the “Huizenga” as in Robert, also has three syllables, but the last syllable is “gə”. Interesting.


  2. “Brilliant Barry”

    I bet half the people reading think you’re referring to “Wondrous Windsor-Smith,” the other half “Luscious Lynda”

  3. I, however, know you’re actually referring to “Brilliant Barry” Blair. Nothing gets past me, MacDonald.

  4. The LOC’s pronunciation guide could be useful for people wanting to drop names correctly. Note, for example, the differing pronunciations of “Hayek,” as in the actresses named Julie and Salma.


  5. SRS: Thank you.

    I’ll defer to you and maybe even Congress and its library, though I’m unsure how “zenga” would be pronounced as a single syllable.

    I assumed and omitted a hyphen, for which I’m contrite.