A year ago Rat Queens artist Roc Unchurch was arrested on a domestic violence charge, resulting in his leaving the book. (Tess Fowler is now the artist.) Of course, professional concerns are only part of the story of such a personal matter, and now Unchurch has given a frank and open interview to Casey Gilley regarding what happened and where he is now. The arrest has been expunged from his record and he’s trying to get things together.

You were forthcoming regarding the domestic violence incident last year. Where are things at with you and your family now? Are you doing okay?

For me, doing okay is knowing that my children are okay. Of course, other things are important — my career, things like that. But everything comes second to how my children were affected by everything. Now that my ex-wife and I have decided to work together to make things as good as possible for our children — our family will never be a whole family again, but we can take what we have and make it the best for them. That idea alone makes me better, knowing that we are working for their betterment makes me better, despite whatever else happens. That’s the main thing, for me.

Outside of that, I want to get forward momentum in my career and in my life. Life took an abrupt stop, everything felt like the end of the world, even before the incident last year. Everything felt like the end — to come out of that in a positive way really helped to turn things around and move things in a positive direction.

People make mistakes and its part of the human condition to heal and forgive. We send our best wishes to Upchurch and his family to move on to better things with a positive outlook.


  1. Thanks for that update. It was in the back of my mind. I probably would not have looked up what happened since then.

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