In the wake of Hurricane Sandy, which hit America over the past week and caused blackouts, severe damage, and claimed several lives in the process, former Marvel, now Disney art director Rich Ginter has set up an initiative looking to trade comic-book items for donations to the relief effort. Called ‘Art For Sandy Relief’, the project is currently still building up a portfolio of items, but has already received pledge art and comics from creatives including Paolo Rivera, Declan Shalvey, Tommy Lee Edwards and Greg Pak.Pat Loika has also donated some of his belongings, including a pretty lush Captain America sketch by John Paul Leon.

If you’d like to donate to the relief efforts – and perhaps pick up some original art or signed goods in the process – then you can find the cause on Twitter and Facebook, with the first few items going on sale tomorrow. If you’d rather donate directly, there’s a direct link on the Facebook page to do so – 100% of the money will go to aid charities including The Red Cross.

And! If you’re an artist or writer and want to donate something yourself — send over an email to [email protected]. Super!


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