by Mike Scigliano

After having given some heavy insight into what exactly it takes to produce a well run comicon it’s time to show you exactly what all of that hard work you put in will get you.

This is what the show floor looks like when I arrive at 4:45 am. The decorator will then mark the floor for set up.
The decorator lays out the grid pattern for the booths or as it is called “marks the floor.’
By this point we have the pipe & drape set. The decorator has also started dropping tables.
Tables are being topped and skirted and exhibitors are beginning to move in.

By the time the early afternoon comes we’re building the show.  We’ll give you a some shots of that as well in the next update.



  1. I just came from the first day of this convention and I have to say that it was fantastic. Great exhibitors, well runn, great set up. All around thumbs up from me

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