Everyone knows that Archie and the gang have plenty of adventures in Riverdale, but what about when they journey beyond the boundaries of their familiar turf? In Archie & Friends: Travel #1, readers of all ages can discover what happens when their favorite teens leave the familiar behind and explore the wider world, with trips to the Philippines, India, Canada, and Rome.

The Archie & Friends: Travel #1 one-shot collects several classic-style stories from Archie Digests into a standard-sized comic. The issue will be hitting the shelves next week, on November 20, so start booking travel reservations now!

When Archie, Jughead, Reggie, Betty, and Veronica go globetrotting, they’re sure to have plenty of adventures on every corner of the planet. Pack your bags and get ready to join the Riverdale gang as they experience the sights! The sounds! And Jughead’s favorite part of all: the tastes!

In the first story, the Archies perform at the Manila Concert Grounds while visiting the Philippines on an international tour. Next, Archie visits India to help his friend Raj produce a documentary about the beauty of his home country. Plus, when the travel club wins a trip through an essay contest, Betty and Veronica are off to visit Canada to meet the “most handsome world leader” on Earth. Finally, everyone’s favorite rascal Reggie Mantle is unable to help out with a charity drive at Riverdale High due a scheduling conflict: a weekend visit to Italy!

Archie & Friends: Travel #1 features stories and pencils by Dan Parent, inks by Jim Amash and Bob Smith, colors by Glenn Whitmore, letters by Jack Morelli, and a cover by Jeff Shultz with Rosario “Tito” Piña.

Check out the exclusive preview pages from Archie & Friends: Travel #1 below, and be sure to check out the issue at your local comic shop when it’s released on November 20th!

Archie & Friends: Travel