Via a statement today, Archaia is back at Diamond, after a one year stint with PGW. Although leaving Diamond Books is a popular move for some comics publishers—especially those with a strong graphic novel presence for the book market—several of them have also come back. The bookstore market is a harsh mistress, what with returns and all.

“Archaia’s titles have always appealed to a wide range of audiences, including both traditional comic readers and non-comic readers, and we are excited to bring our library to as wide an audience as possible,” said PJ Bickett, Archaia’s President and CEO. “By expanding our relationship with Diamond in the direct market to include their knowledgeable sales expertise within the book trade, we can look forward to introducing our titles to new segments of the marketplace who may currently be unfamiliar with our library. Our creators are among the best and brightest in the industry, and their work deserves to be appreciated by fans of the medium, and fans of good storytelling, around the world.”

“We are very pleased Archaia has expanded our relationship and entrusted us once again with their key book trade business,” said Diamond Vice President of Purchasing Bill Schanes. “As a book distributor, our key focus is on graphic novels and we look forward to working with Archaia to expand their sales and promote their best-selling line of graphic novels.”