It’s been moved once before, but perhaps, sensing some blood in the water, Warner Bros. has again opted to move Aquaman from its recently acquired October 5th, 2018 date to December 21st of next year instead.

James Wan, along with his cast and crew, including Jason Momoa, Patrick Wilson, Amber Heard, are still set to begin filming next month in Australia. So this doesn’t look to be a production slow-down, so much as the studio taking advantage of a bit of a void in that time frame.

Lately, the Christmas release schedule the past couple of years has been built around Star Wars, but for reasons that I’m not certain of, Disney and Lucasfilm and releasing the upcoming Han Solo spin-off in May of 2018 instead. As such, WB has opted to open perhaps their most promising superhero flick this side of Wonder Woman the weekend where their only competition will be Sony’s animated Spider-Man featuring Miles Morales.

It would be curious to see two superhero films open up against one another on the same weekend, regardless of how younger-skewing the animated Spidey flick might be, but chances are Sony’s film gets moved into early 2019 instead.

Worth noting: There will be more than a year between DC Films projects, as Justice League opens this November, and its doubtful anything else will be able to fill the gap in time (a director for The Flash still hasn’t been found). Perhaps for the best.


  1. Four days before Mary Poppins, and another Warner Brothers event film.
    November (Details)
    • Mulan (Live Action) (BV) – 11/2
    • Untitled Fox / Marvel Film #2 (2018) (Fox) – 11/2
    • Untitled Paramount Event Film (Par.) – 11/2
    • Bad Boys for Life (Sony) – 11/9
    • Dr. Seuss’ How the Grinch Stole Christmas (2017) (Uni.) – 11/9
    • Untitled Fantastic Beasts Sequel (WB) – 11/16
    • Gigantic (BV) – 11/21

    December (Details)
    • Mortal Engines (Uni.) – 12/14
    • Animated Spider-Man (Sony) – 12/21
    • Aquaman (WB) – 12/21
    • Untitled Fox / Lightstorm Film (Fox) – 12/21
    • Mary Poppins Returns (BV) – 12/25
    • Untitled WB Event Film #2 (2018) (WB) – 12/25

    Black Panther in February
    Marvel/Fox in March
    Avengers in May
    Han Solo on Star Wars Wednesday (35th Anniversary…1983?)
    Ant-Man and Wasp in July
    Untitled DC Film (July 2017) (Remember my reticence to link unannounced dates? This is one of them.)

    You can see the full list here:

  2. You can almost certainly scrap the Untitled DC Film in July 2017, which was reportedly Aquaman until it was moved to October. They won’t have anything else in the pipeline with this week’s already announced delay of The Batman.

  3. WB has opted to open perhaps their most promising superhero flick this side of Wonder Woman

    The fact that this is a) a true statement and b) a statement about Aquaman pretty much shows you just how hard DC has screwed up their slate of superhero films…

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