The biggest players in the comics space may soon be (or already are) Apple, Google and Amazon, and at least two of them are very bullish on comics, as we’ve been reporting for some time. Apple is specifically keen on Madefire, the new line of original comics available via app. This factoid was touted in a Madefire ad:

As if the release of the iPad mini were not exciting enough, attending the launch event and seeing Madefire featured in the keynote, as well as on Apple’s web site, felt like a huge turning point–both for Madefire and for reading. With its 7.9 inch screen and a hyper-portable size, this new iPad/iPhone lovechild was born for Madefire and for mobile reading. We’ll be bringing current Madefire stories as well as new releases to iPad mini soon!

And here’s the Apple ad to prove it:
Having a comics company stand in for the entire “Entertainment: category? Nice.

Madefire launched at San Diego touting new comics by Dave Gibbons, Liam Sharp, Bill Sienkiewicz and more and since then have been making headline with high profile moves like hiring digital editor Ben Abernathy away from DC. Todd Allen profiled the company here.


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