By Todd Allen

While I’m not sure this news is big enough to warrant having been sent out in what I expect will end up being at least three pieces, DC has issued yet another release regarding the new Justice League “Throne of Atlantis” arc.Yesterday they announced Ivan Reis was taking over pencilling duties for Justice League.  As part of the hype, Geoff Johns mentioned the title of the next arc was “Throne of Atlantis.”  Today, DC released (via USA Today) the new that this will be a crossover between Aquaman and Justice Leauge.

He along with Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman and the rest of the Justice League have more than Great White sharks to worry about in the sea when an army from the sunken nation of Atlantis attacks in the five-issue story line “Throne of Atlantis” starting in December in Justice League issue 15 and continuing in the pages of Aquaman.

The article doesn’t say which issues this story appears in.  One possible reading of that paragraph, the only one to discuss the titles involved, is that there’s one issue of Justice League and all the rest of the story is in Aquaman.  Hopefully DC will clarify this before too long.

The next press release on this Event will likely include the creative team on Aquaman.  We know Ivan Reis has left for Justice League.  It was widely thought that Geoff Johns was leaving at the same time, however:

It’s all part of the second year for both DC Comics books written by Geoff Johns, and Justice League in particular will be showcasing new relationships (like the romance between Superman and Wonder Woman), new members in Shazam and the Atom, and a new rivalry between Batman and Aquaman.

Oh, and if you weren’t getting enough hype on Trinity War:

Starting in Justice League issue 13 next month, there will be arcs building toward the major “Trinity War” event, starting with the introduction of the villainess Cheetah and her connection with Wonder Woman, then moving to the Atlantis tale centered on Aquaman where the Justice League is caught between their world and a lost undersea society.


  1. If the vast majority of a characters appearences in comics over the past twenty years have been devoted to trying to convince us he isn’t as lame as we think, we should perhaps just embrace the idea that he’s kinda lame and go with it.

  2. The current Aquaman book is pretty fun. I have vero interest in reading a Justice League book. Every time I tried I was bored senseless.

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