Yesterday Marvel announced details for the milestone Daredevil #650 out next month and will feature a murders’ row of creators. It appears that it was only the tip of the iceberg as today the published revealed that writer Ann Nocenti and artist John Romita Jr. will be joining the all-star lineup!

Any DD fan worth their salt is well aware of the acclaimed run from Nocenti and Romita Jr. in the ’80s. Among their notable contributions to the Daredevil legacy is the creation of Typhoid Mary. So it won’t come as a shock that the story by the two creators involves the Daredevil antagonist.

Ann NocentiDetails from the official press release below:

The pair of comic powerhouses will make their grand return to Hell’s Kitchen, paying homage and revisiting their hard-hitting and beloved late 80s run on the title. Known for tackling real-world issues, Nocenti will spotlight Daredevil’s complex relationship with the inhabitants of Hell’s Kitchen and the dire changes on the horizon in a story drawn by Chip Zdarsky himself. John Romita Jr. will draw a riveting sequence for the book’s main story that stars one of Nocenti and Romita Jr.’s most iconic creations: Typhoid Mary.

“It’s not often that a comic gets to issue two these days, so … oh wait, it’s issue 650?! Well in that case I’m over the moon that we get to celebrate with so many legendary Daredevil creators!” Zdarsky said. “Daredevil is a title that has had so many amazing runs that it wouldn’t feel right to have an anniversary issue without inviting the people who made the book so special for so many years.”

Check out interior artwork by Zdarsky below and look for Daredevil #650 to arrive in comic stores on Wednesday August 17th, 2022.