Katsuhiro Otomo, renowned anime and manga creator, is coming to Anime Expo 2019, per an exclusive announcement from Anime News Network. Otomo is probably known best for his work on Akira, an original concept which he began as a manga and eventually directed when the anime adaptation was filmed. The cyberpunk tale follows a group of kids who find themselves embroiled in a sci-fi mystery that pits their friend’s life against the military.
Before his rise to fame, Otomo penned the supernatural manga Domu and the military story Kibun wa mō Sensō. Following the directorial success with Akira, Otomo served the same role foor the movies Gundam: Mission to the Rise and Steamboy. His work even worked itself into the western comics scene when he wrote and drew the Batman: Black and White story, The Third Mask in 1996.
If you’re a Katsuhiro Otomo fan, it’s not too late to get your tickets! Anime Expo 2019 takes place July 4 through July 7 at the Los Angeles Convention Center and registration is open until June 11.

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