jean claude denis
Last week’s Angoulême festival extravaganza wrapped up with the presentation of the Grand Prix to Jean-Claude Denis, whose career goes back to the ’70s but is perhaps best known in France for Luc Leroi. The Grand Prix is presented for a lifetime body of work—Denis is perhaps less well-known than some other winners, at least in the US. He was presented with the award by last year’s winner, Art Spiegelman, as shown in the above video.

In other Angoulême news, although there doesn’t seem to have been any drama like last year’s L’Association strike, several commenters have reported fewer people. Matthias Wivel has been covering it for TCJ, and reports that the Art Spiegelman-curated art show was a once-in-a-lifetime experience of excellence.

Other winners are as follows, with translations where possible:


FAUVE D’OR PRIX DU MEILLEUR ALBUM 2012 (Best Album) : «Chroniques de Jérusalem» de Guy Delisle (éditions Delcourt)


FAUVE D’ANGOULEME – PRIX SPECIAL DU JURY (Special Jury Prize) : Congress of the Animals by Jim Woodring (L’Association)


FAUVE D’ANGOULEME – PRIX DE LA SÉRIE (Best Series): «Cité 14» de Pierre Gabus et Romuald Reutimann (Humanoïdes associés)


FAUVE D’ANGOULEME – PRIX INTERGENERATIONS (Intergenerational Award. This award is a nod to the family spirit of classic comics, and rewards a cross-generational work that could appeal to readers of all ages.): «Bride Stories» by Kaoru Mori (éditions Ki-OOn)


FAUVE D’ANGOULEME – PRIX REGARDS SUR LE MONDE (Views on the World Award. This prize rewards a book dealing with current world issues.): «Une vie dans les marges» A Drifting Life de Yoshihiro Tatsumi (éditions Cornelius)


FAUVE D’ANGOULEME – PRIX DE L’AUDACE (Audacity Award. This prize rewards an artwork that takes an innovative approach, whether formal or narrative, to comics.): «Teddy Beat» de Morgan Navarro (éditions Requins marteaux)


FAUVE D’ANGOULEME – PRIX REVELATION (Best Newcomer): «TMLB, ta mère la pute» de Gilles Rochier (éditions 6 Pieds sous terre)


FAUVE D’ANGOULEME – PRIX DU PATRIMOINE (Legacy Award): «Donald Duck» de Carl Banks (éditions Glénat)


FAUVE D’ANGOULEME – PRIX POLAR (Awarded to the best book in the detective genre): «L’intrus à l’étrange» de Simon Hureau (la Boite à Bulles)


FAUVE D’ANGOULÊME – PRIX JEUNESSE (Best book for younger readers) : «Zombillénium, 2. Ressources humaines» d’Arthus de Pins


FAUVE PRIX DE LA BD FNAC : «Portugal» de Cyril Pedrosa (éditions Dupuis)

Here’s a list of Denis’s complete works, from Google Translation, so it’s probably embarrassing, but as you can see, quite a body of work:

Uncle Ernest and delighted (with Martin Veyron) (1978, Casterman)
During naked (1979, Futuropolis)
André Raven 
Annie Evil (1980, Dargaud) 
The hot season (1981, Dargaud) 
The Flight into before (1984, Dargaud)
Rup Bonchemin 
Volume 1 – The Chalet Lost (1981, Casterman) 
Volume 2 – Between two fires (1981, Casterman) 
Volume 3 – Gustave Guadeloupe (1983, Casterman)
Luc Leroi 
Luc Leroi moved slightly (1981, Futuropolis) 
Luc Leroi against the forces of evil (1982, Futuropolis) 
Luc Leroi up the slope (1985, Casterman) 
The Yellow Dwarf, (1986, Casterman) 
Squirrels and girls (1990, Casterman) 
Individual bands (1998, Casterman) 
All flowers are called Tiare (2000, Casterman)
The 7 Deadly Sins, (1983, The Humanoids)
Shadow Tables (1991, Albin Michel)
Sweet peppers (1991, Albin Michel)
The Pelican (1994, Albin Michel)
Funny idle or The Last of Houpe (1995, Albin Michel)
A few months in Amélie (2002, Dupuis)
Beauty at home (2004, Dupuis)
The Sleep of Leo (2007, Futuropolis)
Shortly before the capital (with Dupuy and Berberian), (2008, Dupuis)
News of the invisible world (2008, Futuropolis)
All in Matha! 
Part One (2010, Futuropolis) 
Part Two (2011, Futuropolis)
A few months in Amelia (novel) – The Manuscript of Aloys Clark (2002, PLG)
Picture books:
The Matches Pierre Christin – Volume 3 – Train of fun 
texts by Pierre Christin (1998, Dargaud) 
Belem, a mirage in reverse (2005, Futuropolis) 
The Cry of the Sirens, CD and illustrations (1991, Threshold) 
NightBuzz, The Spell (with Charles Berberian), CD and illustrations (2005, Nocturne) 
Harry Belafonte (Calypso), CD and illustrations (2008, Nocturne)
Youth Books:
The fairy tales of pirate Pitou: Island to mynas (1993, Albin Michel Jeunesse) 
An artist Cat (1998, Seuil) 
Stubborn (2000, Seuil)


  1. Arthur de Pins also draws really cute, really sexy men and women, as seen on the “Osez…” series. (Seen in the U.S. as “Dare…” by Hunter House.”)

    I keep hoping a U.S. publisher will translate “Pêches Mignons”… NBM? Humanoids? First Second? (His “March of the Crabs” also looks interesting.)

  2. Is anyone talking about reason for the smaller crowsd (rather than the obvious economic one)?
    I’ve always considered Angoulême to be the best of what this artform has managed to create for itself and I’d hate to be around for it’s slow slide.

  3. On saturday the tent of the “Nouveau Monde” had to be closed at 11 am because of overcrowding/safety hazards.
    That didn’t happen 2 years ago and I’ve seen huge crowds everywhere too.

    Also possible was that there weren’t the biggest blockbuster artists signing and the exhibitions weren’t THAT spectacular.

  4. We were in the alternative section in Le Nouveau Monde and, at the end of the 4 days, we reported 2/3 of the sales we made last year. We did publish less issues in 2011 than usual but:
    – there were less booth in the alternative areas (some usual friends were missing)
    – they putted an exit/secondary entry just before people would enter the alternative section in the big Nouveau monde tent. So if people were discouraged, they probably flee through the exit whithout going to the alternative area
    – the cafeteria at the end of the alternative section was missiing. It did attract lots of people the years before…

    Not a very good year for the alternative area so, due to those circumstancies it seems.

  5. Not so many people on thrusday, but the other days were overcrowded (they always are).
    Apparently, they were roughly 215000 people over the 4 days.
    Missed Mr Sakai by 1 minute at Paquet’s booth, didn’t get the chance to have a chat with you since you were going to a interview with Hope it went good^^.
    A few things about this year’s Angoulême :
    Lack of visibility for the “Espace Franquin” where most of the international meetings were held ;
    The “manga and comics” tent was pathetic (too far, too small, not linked with the rest. Akileos’s booth, with Tony Cliff and Jason Little for example, was great though) ;
    Some exhibitions were definitively awesome, with some original masterpieces, but lacked interactivity… ;
    Too much authors to count, too many people to chat with, too many things to buy for my bank account and an international variety of comics that I hope will become a habit…