As first reported at Newsarama, former EW assistant editor Andrea Towers is joining Marvel as sales and communications assistant, replacing the outgoing Chris D’Lando. As she tweeted:

Towers led much of the comics coverage at EW and has written for CBR, ComicBook, Paste, Image Comics’ Image+, and Marvel in the past, so she obviously know both the hacks and flacks side of the game.

She’s also a Mets fan, so this is clearly the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

If Marvel ever needed a strong utility player in the PR department, that time is now, so Towers looks like a good bet to fill that need. Since D’Lando left, Marvel’s Secret Empire news has largely been limited to fellow Disney division ABC, which is fairly unorthodox.


  1. Why not just hire the editors or writers of any site that cover Marvel and DC non-ironically? Because they get the same coverage from them for free?

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