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Way back in 1993, circa January, Dan Slott was a journeyman comics writer, toiling away writing stories about Marlin T. Höek and Stimpson J. Cat.  While the meddlesome meddling of the corporate overlords of Nickelodeon eventually convinced Mr. Slott to explore creative opportunities elsewhere (writing a character with long green hair, for example), he did manage quite a bit of creativity given the restraints.

One such example: The Ren & Stimpy Show #6, featuring Spider-Man subbing for Powdered Toast Man.  Why, you ask?  Well, since everything has been spoiled by everyone everywhere, I’ll just post the image right below.

But first…



bo boilers

banana fanna fo foilers

fee fy mo moilers,

!!! SPOILERS !!!



That’s right… evil mastermind Dan Slott foreshadowed one of the greatest malefactor in heros plots of all time some twenty years ago in a comic book little read by superhero fans.  How devious!  How crafty!  How bloody brilliant!  Frankly, this should come as no surprise, as Mr. Slott also wrote the “Ask Dr. Stupid” column in each issue.

Well played, sir.

I have just one question: What role does Mr. Dinkle play in the “Superior” storyline?  Any relation to “Mr. Dingle“?  (The plot sounds like something from Amazing Fantasy!)

If you wish to read the entire story, and possibly divine other possible plot contrivances, it can be found in the trade paperback collection: The Ren & Stimpy Show: Tastes Like Chicken.  Highly recommended, even if you’re not a big fan; Mr. Slott does funny quite well!


  1. 1. Those old Ren & Stimpy comics were hilarious! That title is what kept me reading comics after Transformers was cancelled and (thanks to Todd McFarlane) Amazing Spider-Man became a lot harder to find at my local grocery store.

    2. Man, those pages are just difficult to look at., all the way!

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