Yes, there is a GHOST RIDER sequel being made right now, but it won’t come out until 2012. And then the world will end. Nicolas Cage rides the flaming chopper again, Splash Page reports. The CRANK team of Mark Neveldine and Brian Taylor directs, and it’s filming in Romania.

You’ll recall that although there wasn’t that much enthusiasm for the first one, the rights would revert to Marvel/Disney if Sony didn’t do something with the property, and Sony wouldn’t want that. Because there is life in that flaming chopper.


  1. Get to da flaming choppa!

    A few years back I wrote a review that if you look at Ghost Rider as a supernatural version of Road House it’s not so… Okay, it’s still bad, but slightly more entertaining.

    As an added bonus, Sam Elliot plays essentially the same role in both films.

  2. The first one wasn’t too bad, entertaining while it was on and completely forgotten by the times the credits rolled.

    And yes Cage’s ‘hair’ was the most memorable aspect of the whole thing.

  3. The film was adequate, in my opinion (the only one I can give), it didn’t exceed my expectations, in fact it barely made my prerequisites, however, it was no Catwoman or Elektra Assassin, so for that I give it credit.

    I don’t expect all movies to be great. I watch plenty of films that I know are simple vehicles for special effects. Superhero-based films are no exception to any other time-crunching genre flick. When I’m in the mood for it I’ll watch it.

  4. okay, I didn’t like Crank. But Ghost Rider was pretty good when I saw it for ‘free’ on broadcast TV, while I was drinking a bunch of beer.
    So, hmmm, GR2 may be on tv in 4 years, but beer does go skunky over time, so maybe buy some wine…