If you thought getting a hotel room for SDCC was bad, just try getting a pro badge for NYCC. Registration is open until Friday, April 29, 2016 at 11:59 AM EDT and pros will be informed if they made the cut by Friday, May 13, 2016.

Made the cut? I heard a lot of people moaning about this year’s form and it is indeed, more like filling in your Linked In profile, with employers and previous employers needed and questions like:

Please provide a detailed description of your current daily duties as it relates to the pop culture industry:*

What do you hope to accomplish by attending New York Comic Con 2016 as a Professional?*

Please explain how you will integrate what you experience at NYCC into your profession:*

Please provide the names, titles and email addresses for 3 professional contacts that we can contact for a professional reference:*

Speaking of Linked In, the form asks for that, too.

It’s not like it’s a free show — a pro badge costs $40 and there are no guest badges. However, given New York’s vast media underworld, it’s understandable that many a person who only lettered the back page of a self-published horror anthology will try to get a badge this way, and NYCC is already way too crowded. NYCC has been cracking down on industry badges for a while, and although it is a pain in the ass, comic-cons are so popular now, making the grade is getting tougher every year.

Also, do I really need to plan for October in April? I guess so.