Well, maybe Dan Didio is just excited that the New York Mets might resign Cespedes?

Or else, there’s a rebirth coming from DC.

Whatever DC is doing in the future, they need to market the bejeebers out of it. Even if they just keep putting out essentially the same comics, here’s the start of it.

UPDATE: Oops and Jim Lee too. Now this could be a reaction to The Bleeding Cool story, or maybe the whole thing was planned? If it’s the former it reminds me of an old cooking show that talked about how to make a perfect hollandaise sauce…and if it got too chunky just cut up an egg, throw it in and pretend that’s what you intended all along.

Either way, well played, DC, well played.


  1. Let’s hope. My DC sales can’t get any worse than they are now. The proof will be in the pudding, though. Any silly gimmicks and that could be it. I’ll keep optimistic as my livelihood has stake in this.

  2. more nonsense. the continuity of stories ans even their numbering has always been the big draw for superhero books.
    i see more and more people dropping monthlies because of this.
    the nee generation might want that ground level entry but they are the smaller portion of the buyers and they care less and less about single issues.
    comics now are written not as 20pg standalones but as 100-120 pg arcs.
    the format should reflect that.
    time for the periodicals to go.

  3. I agree – How about selling complete 120-page comics and giving us a good story? A book gives you a complete story at once. Tivo allowed us to watch what we want when we want it. Nowadays, Netflix dumps an entire season at your feet..

  4. Somehow, having Jim and Dan around still doesn’t give me faith in a better product, as they’ve had four years now and the quality and guidance of the line has run off the rails. Nice guys, for sure, but perhaps it’s time for some new blood.

  5. Most of what I read is DC. I have no real problem with what they are currently publishing and enjoy the stories. If they reboot everything and start at #1 all over again it will be very disappointing. At the same time, I don’t want them to go to TPB’s of complete arcs that come out once or twice a year. Half the fun of reading comics is getting a new installment of the story every few weeks.

    I also don’t need my printed stories to align with the “movie universe”. I hate that and it is one of the main reasons I have migrated away from Marvel products. Movies are perfectly fine as standalone products with their own continuity. I don’t need it spilling over into comics and TV.

  6. The curtain total looks like we’re about to watch a David Lynch movie right?

    Spoiler – when the curtain rises, behind it is a midget and a giant. And those Mofo’s are speaking backward!

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