Hooray! A grown woman will play the grown-up Lois Lane in the Superman reboot being prepped by Zack Snyder. Oscar-nominated Amy Adams will play the nosy reporter,

“There was a big, giant search for Lois,” Snyder said of the casting. “For us it was a big thing and obviously a really important role. We did a lot of auditioning but we had this meeting with Amy Adams and after that I just felt she was perfect for it.”

Adams, 36, will play opposite Henry Cavill, 28, as the Man of Steel.

Last time out in SUPERMAN RETURNS, Lois was played by 23-year-old ingenue Kate Bosworth, who not only didn’t have the maturity of a star reporter, but would have been a teenager when Superman knocked her up. (In SUPERMAN RETURNS, Lois and Kal-El have a young son that Superman creepily peeps in on after abandoning him to go on a vision quest. Right.)

Director Snyder, whose female-centric SUCKER PUNCH is being drubbed by critics this opening weekend, obviously likes a strong leading lady, as DAWN OF THE DEAD and 300 showed.


  1. YES YES YES YES YES YES! Finally an adult plays Lois. Never understood why Kate was cast as Lois. Lois is an established reporter, not an intern straight out of college. In the cartoons, she sounds and looks like she’s in her mid-thirties.
    I love Amy! She has the chops to be badass telling from her role in The Fighter. I’m so happy for her.

  2. The Onion AV Club’s review of “Sucker Punch,” by Nathan Rabin, was subtitled “Comic-Con: The Movie.”

    Rabin joked that Snyder must have gone to Comic-Con and surveyed the fanboys on what they wanted in a movie: Young women in lingerie kicking butt (check); a wise older mentor (check); an elaborate fantasy world (check); Nazi zombies (check); New Wave music from the ’80s (check). It’s all there!

  3. Bosworth’s age was irrelevant to her performance, unless one is the sort of idiot that thinks characters are always the precise age of the actors playing them.

  4. Good call!

    And as I’ve said elsewhere, I hope we can get Kevin Spacey back as lex luthor. Failing that, how about Billy Zane as Lex?

  5. Certainly an interesting choice. Given that Synder has cast an Oscar Nominee in the role, he certainly takes it in a more serious manner than Bryan Singer did. It is interesting how some people online react to the age gap between Adams and Cavill – he is 8 years her junior. The implication being that you can’t have a male lead in his late 20’s dare date a woman in her mid 30’s or have any romantic tension because she’s “too old”. Hmm. Roger Moore was in his mid to late 40’s when he started playing James Bond in the 70’s, and in romantic scenes with girls young enough to be his daughters (which the actor himself, in commentaries, grew uncomfortable with by the end). Nobody batted an eye. No one cries foul when Jackie Chan or Sly Stallone or Bruce Willis are at least 10+ years older than many of their female leads. Yet apparently any female actress who is over 35 may as well let her hair go gray and start playing grandmothers. There were quite a few “old broad” jokes at Cameran Diaz’s expense in “GREEN HORNET”, after all.

    The part of Lois Lane is a difficult one. It isn’t the 1940’s anymore, so simply being a damsel in distress isn’t enough. She has to have a sense of maturity and worldliness to her, that she can be of equal footing with a guy who can bench press the moon. Perhaps the casting of Amy Adams is a sign that Hollywood has been unable to generate too many other actresses under 35 who display more than a pretty face and nice curves when it comes to acting.

    I think this is a good move. To be honest, my biggest concerns with this SUPERMAN film are not of its lead or the age gap between actors – it is in the choice of villain. Audiences are tired – SO tired – of Lex Luthor. People compare him to the Joker, but in no way has the Joker been crammed down movie and TV audience’s throats as much as Luthor has. He’s played out and to be honest if he was merely in a supporting role here, at best, it would be ideal. The next pick is General Zod, and I also hope Synder and WB reconsider here, too. Yes, everyone loves SUPERMAN II – circa 1980. Superman has more enemies who have in no way made the big screen, such as Parasite, Brainiac, Metallo, Mongul, and yes, even Darkseid. It is time to show Superman not only actually fighting something, but fighting something no movie audience has seen before. We’ll see if DC Entertainment is as bold as they claim in this regard.

  6. As long as we don’t get 2 hours of Superman flying in slow motion, I’m game. Amy Adams is a good actress…I’ll reserve my judgement.

  7. I think this an excellent choice as well.
    Adams is a good actress who can bring an interest to just about any part she portrays (even in films that are pretty bad.)

    I wouldn’t be surprised if it was her portrayal of Amelia Earhart in that lame “Night at the Museum” sequel that helped her get this part. She seemed to have that Hildy Johnson (from “His Girl Friday”) approach to the character, which would fit an intrepid reporter like Lois Lane to a T.

    As for her being too old??? What, does every character in Hollywood films have to be 21?

  8. “If sales are so good, why’d I drop Red Robin?”

    Sorry man, but I don’t see this catchphrase taking off, no matter how many posts you use it on.

  9. Love her, but second the motion she’s a little too old. But I guess it just wouldn’t be right if that weren’t there to play up to the whole “cougar” nonsense. But, as best I can tell women can only look at men that are a minimum five years older now days (or 10-15 if they’re over 40), so I guess it was inevitable…

    Cue the cougar stories… as inevitable as “Pow” “Bam” “Sock” headlines going with any stories related to anything Batman.

  10. If I was directing, of course I’d choose someone like Adams – or Aniston… in my next romantic comedy. But for Lois, this year I’d have to go with the less girly Nat Portman. She can bring both the toughness and vulnerability as needed.

    As for Superman, there should be a GROWNUP version of him, too. Knock off the bad Chris Reeve impressions – let’s get someone much closer to George Reeves instead, for once. (And I don’t mean skinny boy Afleck.)

    I’d also ask back Spacey as Lex, since better than anyone else, when called upon to do so, he can be such an unbearable bitch!

  11. Lex is my favorite villain but I’ve had enough of him in the movies. Every movie incarnation of Lex has been absolutely horrible and I for one am tired of seeing this villain botched.

    It’s time to take Superman to his modern comic roots… He’s fought angels, aliens, demons, gods from other dimensions, etc. and yet we keep pitting him against the same old crap. Zod. Luthor. No more human villains, no more Kryptonian villains. Give me some Darkseid. Give me Michael the Archangel, or Brainiac. Anything but Luthor and Zod.