Kazu Kibuishi’s AMULET series has been a strong seller for Scholastic and also a strong candidate for the next graphic novel series to get a big movie bump — IF the movie gets made. But it still seems to be in active development. Variety reports that hot writer Rob Edwards has been brought in to work on the script. The AMULET series — the fourth book AMULET #4: THE LAST COUNCIL is due in September — concerns a fairly classic kids story setup with children who try to rescue their parents from a world of magic and monsters, only to find they have a secret destiny. It was optioned by Will Smith a while ago, with some talk of Jaden Smith (KARATE KID) starring — it’s unknown if that’s still the plan as Jaden is getting older, but the film is definitely still in play.

Meanwhile, despite our needling Robert Zemeckis just yesterday about his many failed mocap movies, he’s still in the game with ANIMATED AMERICAN also getting a script by Edwards. This movie concerns an animated child who is raised by a real family and the hilarious family shenanigans that ensue.

Kibuishi has been working on the AMULET series for several years now and it’s definitely on of the sleeper hits of the YA graphic novel boomlet. It’s also an excellent yarn that has gotten better and better as it’s gone along.