According to emails I get every day, this weekend’s C2E2 comic con in Chicago is 95% sold out of three-day passes.

3-Day C2E2 badges are 95% sold out! If badges sell out online, they will not be sold at the door. We’re looking out for you because we love you, we miss you, and we definitely do not want to see you missing out on the 11th edition of C2E2!

Buy badges now so you don’t miss Mark Ruffalo, Critical Role, an epic Artist Alley, amazing C2E2 After Dark parties, and so much more.

Look, we don’t really like to tell people what to do, BUT if you upgrade soon, you’ll catch all the great content C2E2 has to offer ALL WEEKEND LONG!
No. Mo. FOMO.

I used to joke that C2E2 was the one comic con that would never sell out, because the facility where it is held. McCormick Place, is so vast and cavernous. According to Wikipedia it has 2.6 MILLION sq. feet of exhibit space. The idea of it ever getting crowded is hard to picture – the place is downright Bunyanesque (And if you need some help navigating it, here’s Torsten’s annual guide.)

While the 95% stat is a bit vague, it is undeniable that this show has finally hit its stride, and it nice to see that it will be well attended. VIP tickets are already sold out. I skipped last year’s event, but I’m told it was packed, and while making my schedule for the 2020 edition, I was struck by the wide range of panels, guests and events, from Mark Ruffalo and William Shatner to Joe Hill and Rainbow Rowell and Jim Lee and Noelle Stevenson.

It seems that Chicago has finally gotten the large-scale, full service con that it deserves.

All that said, given the coronavirus fears going around, I would be surprised if that last 95% will sell out, which is just as well.  Nobody likes a con that is TOO crowded.

I’ll be at C2E2 all three days, along with Beat staffers Hussein Wasiti and Josh Hilgenberg. As always, please say hello!

ALSO, I’ll be reuniting with Brigid Alverson and Johanna Draper Carlson so you know what that means – Three Women in a Hotel room podcasts!

As previously mentioned, this show will be kicking big con season off with a bang – and not just because everyone is going to be talking about DC, 5G and Dan DiDio.