The Fantastic Four are moving around around in the Marvel bullpen.

Long sidelined in the comics due to their movie rights being controlled by another studio – and the movies being very bad – they haven’t been published in comics form  for a while, a sad decline for the book that actually launched the Marvel Universe.

But with the LEGACY of the GENERATIONS comes change. Although the Four haven’t been seen in any of the “re-jigger” announcements, Marvel E-i-c Axel Alonso let slip that something was afoot via Twitter:


While this did put me in mind of the classic riff from the great Rob Base/DJ Easy Rock classic, it also reminded me that there has OFTEN been a Fantastic Three. Just about every member has been sidelined at some point in the book’s 55 year history.


Is the Fantastic Two too much? Is it a swerve or a work or misdirection over the rampant speculation over the FF’s future?

If it IS real, who will team with the Thing this time? Who do you WANT to see team?

While we ponder that, let’s bust a move.





  1. The most interesting idea I’ve seen floating around is that perhaps they’ll bring back Marvel Two-in-One, which I would be perfectly ok with assuming it had the right team. I miss an old fashion team-up book, and it fits in with the Legacy idea….

  2. The Thing and Reed would be interesting; brains and brawn. Also, a modern Two in One would be worth a look. I loved that series as a kid. I have a complete run of TIO volume 1

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