anigif_original-grid-image-10623-1370112549-3So it only took three years to go back to the strategy of the “universe-wide crossover event” with Forever Evil. Is that enough time to build up an appetite for this kind of thing? Probably. Along with the groovy 3D covers, another throwback element. These do look effective in GIF format though — and given some of the 3D printing techniques we saw at the BEA this weekend these will probably look very sharp.
Jim Lee has more on the 3D cover effect for Buzzfeed:

JL: They’re amazing covers. It’s an effect that you haven’t seen before, and like Dan said, it’s an entire cover. Any time in the past that they’ve done specialty covers, you would only get like a small trading card size image on the cover that was a hologram or lenticular bit of technology. This is the whole cover and it is amazing. The colors and the depth of field allows you to actually see the logo of the new book. Let’s say the Joker is taking over, it’ll be the Batman title in the background, and you’ll see the Joker title splattered on top of the Batman logo itself. It really sells the concept in a very visual way.

Also, just in case you missed it: yes, there could be death!

Will Villain Month have any major repercussions? Is there a chance that some of the heroes won’t make it through September?
DD: They might make it through September, but I can’t guarantee they’ll make it through the entire series. That includes what might be one of the most talked about events for DC Comics this year. One of our major recognizable characters will be affected in a very dramatic way.
JL: If you’re going to do an event that impacts the entire universe, there have to be consequences or repercussions, and this one is going to be meaningful. It all comes out of the great story starting in September.


  1. With these covers you can certainly tell who models via computer and who doesn’t. A neat side-effect.

  2. Paul, only the Joker seems to be smiling. It’s sad when the only guy who smiles on a New52 cover is the crazy lunatic and not the superheroes. I think Flash is the only one who seems to smile on DC covers these days…

    I miss the old Count Vertigo look. I can see why they’d want a look that contrasts with Green Arrow’s costume, but this reminds me of the Kyle-Rayner-era Sonar revamp. Or maybe the Guy Gardner:Warrior look.

    I know the old Creeper’s look was tough to pull off, but I miss it more after seeing this version. It looks like the 90s all over again.

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