Contrary to the reports from this past week, writer Jimmy Palmiotti has taken to Twitter – and The Beat’s comment section – to state that All-Star Western has not been cancelled by DC.

And in fact, seeing as how it hasn’t been cancelled with issue #31 – how about we do a mini-campaign today to get some more people trying out the series?


I get a bit tired with cancellation-worshippers online, sometimes, who seem to wait until a series is cancelled before jumping into comment threads and declaring their own brilliance at having avoided the series completely. Or that they knew from the start that a series was doomed, because it tackled a different genre or featured a female lead or whatever. I sometimes think, y’know, maybe we should do more to offer a bit of support for titles we’re enjoying.

Of the thirty-ish issues of All-Star Western which have come out so far, I’ve read probably around twenty of them – and I’ve enjoyed the majority of what I’ve read. There’s been a steady creative team in the form of Jimmy Palmiotti, Justin Gray and Moritat since the very first issue – back in 2011 – and they’ve tackled a mainstream DC title which is set in the distant past and tells western stories.

That is, surely, one of the things we want to see more of from DC? Risks like that, with a consistent creative team? So what I’d suggest, today, is – you try an issue. The current arc has been teaming lead character Jonah Hex up with a variety of different characters – from Superman to Swamp Thing – for a series of one-and-done issues. If you’d like to see what it’s like when a creative team get given a longer leash by their publisher – head to Comixology today and try an issue.

Or, when the next issue – issue #29 – is released next month and you see it in your local store… try it? At most, you’ve lost a few dollars you might’ve spent on a coffee. And maybe you’ll find a new comic you like.

I might try this a few times over the next few months, perhaps, on The Beat. Looking at the indie sales chart here on the site, there are many other acclaimed series which could always do with a sales boost. And hey, we have a bit of a soapbox here that I can use, people read the site a little – what if once a fortnight or so we gather together and offer a little surge of support for a series we think more people should read? Head to ComiXology or our LCS and try something we’ve seen on the shelves, but never tried until now.

In the comments below, please let us know if you try an issue of All Star Western, and let us know if you enjoyed it, too! And what other books do you think should be getting a little more attention from readers? I know the majority of fans don’t take pleasure from hearing that a comic has been cancelled – which titles would you like to try and give a Beat Boost to? Maybe we can create a ripple effect! Maybe?


  1. I started reading the adventures of Jonah Hex with his first appearance back in the early seventies and have been there with him ever since because not once, in more than forty years, have the creators of the Hex stories let me down.

  2. This is a good idea (also, though I like it a bit less than the pre 52 Jonah Hex series, All Star Western is absolutely worth checking out).

  3. Big fan of this series. I read previous series sporadically, figured I wouldn’t like this one consisting of Jonah Hex involved with superheroes, but damn, this shit is good.

  4. I just did a harvest of my pull list and this was one of the TWO DC titles that I am still getting – it remains a great read (although I too preferred the pre-NU52 Jonah hex book, but I could say that about EVERY DC title). I am especially curious to see where they are going with the current story, wherein Hex has returned to the old west from the present (thank god) into a tough spot brought on by, what in any other case, would’ve been a blessing. Palmiotti & Gray are really underrated writers – they may not be the most flashy, but I can’t remember a story of there’s I’ve read that hasn’t been highly entertaining.

  5. Not to add to internet negativity, but . . . I’ve been disappointed in this book from the start. I read the first 10 issues or so and got tired of the stories taking place in Gotham City. The only thing “Western” about the book is the Hex character. The previous Jonah Hex title was far superior.

  6. I’ll chime in to say I love All-Star Western, too. It’s a great read, and it’s cleverly tied into the larger DC universe. I want more Amadeus Arkham, though! Make it happen, Palmiotti and Gray!

  7. There’s something fairly hilarious that in the comments section of a article where the author himself is trying to be positive and asking others to be so, someone is so egotistical that they can’t help but share their contrary opinion with the world.

    Via La Internet!

  8. “Not to add to internet negativity, but . . . I’ve been disappointed in this book from the start. I read the first 10 issues or so and got tired of the stories taking place in Gotham City. The only thing “Western” about the book is the Hex character. The previous Jonah Hex title was far superior.”

    I couldn’t agree more, I had the same experience. This new Hex title didn’t appeal to me at all, putting him in Gotham “teaming up” w/Dr Arkham to solve mysteries/uncover conspiracies. Yawn.

    Only the awful Mad Max-type HEX from the 80’s was worse for Jonah then this series…

  9. “which titles would you like to try and give a Beat Boost to?”

    Rachel Rising. Terry Moore was talking on Facebook not long ago about having to end the series if sales don’t pick up.

  10. I first discovered Jonah in the ’70s with Weird Western Tales, followed by his spinoff into his own book. I didn’t get every issue, but I did get them more often than not. I avoided the Hex series like the plague {why didn’t they use an all-new character is beyond me), and didn’t read the Vertigo minis. When Jonah was given his own title again last decade, I collected every issue from #1 to 70. Enjoyed them tremendously. When I heard the format for All-Star Western, I was in, but I swore that if one of the Waynes from that time period was featured wearing a Batman-like costume, I’d drop the book immediately. Actually, I’ve been pleasantly surprised by ASW. I will admit the Jonah in present day storyline was probably better in theory than on paper, it does open up some interesting directions for Hex once he returns to the Old West. After experiencing everything 2014 has to offer, can he truly be content in the past?

    OK, enough rambling. ASW is one of my top 5 favorite titles of the DCnU overall. I hope it can last a good long time, and yes, I’d wholeheartedly recommend it to anyone looking for a good rad that’s different from most of what DC, and for that matter Marvel, is serving up these days.

  11. “Not to add to internet negativity, but . . . I’ve been disappointed in this book from the start. I read the first 10 issues or so and got tired of the stories taking place in Gotham City. The only thing “Western” about the book is the Hex character. The previous Jonah Hex title was far superior.”

    And yet this is is all the stuff that really got me to try the book, love it, and stay with it. Because Jonah Hex originally never felt like he had much reason to exist among the DCU (aside from the then rare “let’s send a super hero to the old west and meet Hex” story) this book took the time to work the history of the DCU around him making him a living breathing part of it while still letting him keep his own individuality as a character. Not to mention what they’re doing now with Jonah in our modern time is a great twist for fans of the old “Hex” futuristic comic.

    I’m glad to support this book every month and will keep doing it.

  12. I’ve been reading Hex since Blackest Night.

    I’ve been reading Moritat ever since he was drawing erotica comics. The women he draws now are just as sexy and cute, probably because Mr. Palmiotti and Mr. Gray write such fun dialogue.

    Currently, Hex is in present day DC. The world is crazier than he is, and last I saw, he was battling a demon out at Burning Man. Yeah… Hex and Constantine. Come on… you know who want to read that story!

  13. Great column about one of the best books on the market (and has been since they brought the character back). Really love this book.

  14. DC should probably rename/revert the title of the series to just plain “JONAH HEX” with issue #32 in order to be technically correct about a) the All-Star Western title ending while b) still publishing Jonah Hex adventures. Besides, DC dropped the back-ups, which negates the conceit of converting the Jonah Hex revival from his most recent eponymous series to the anthology label of All-Star Western. No more need for the pretense.

  15. They made Jonah Hex into a very good western book back then. Then they had to revamp it into just another superhero book, just so it was a part of the New 52. Out with the old west, in with the capes.Time travel, Superman? No thanks! Dull. uninteresting and misguided direction. I stopped buying it.

  16. “which titles would you like to try and give a Beat Boost to?”
    So far as ongoings? Hinterkind and Elephantmen.
    For one-shots and LS’s? Beasts of Burden (new issue out on March 12!) and Storm Dogs.

  17. Jimmy says Hex is back in the old West as of #28??? In that case, I will return to the fold. Now, if readers could just appreciate Jordi Bern… oh never mind..

  18. This title to me is a perfect example of how the Nu52 screwed up everything with its (re)launch, even a simple Western title was made unreadable by shoehorning it into the DCU.



    For some readers, maybe, but not for all. Before the re-launch, I was never a regular Hex reader; I would just pick up varied issues based on artist and/or story. However, as All Star Western, I found myself really digging the heavy Gothic Western vibe, and I was surprised by how much I enjoyed the increased ties to the DCU.

  20. I didn’t pick up ASW until some time after the Court of Owls tie in. I retroactively got every issue starting with #1, and I haven’t missed an issue yet. I enjoyed his stint in the modern DCU, but am glad to see him back in his natural habitat. As for the book over all, I’ve loved it. The fact that Jonah is part of the DCU’s history now is great. I love the action and the humor in the books. If I had to cull my pull list this is one DC book that would make the cut.

  21. I have been reading Jonah Hex since his first appearance in the original All Star Western #10. If I had to cut down my pull list to ONE title, anything featuring Jonah Hex would be it.

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