FINALLY — benchmarks. Seven of the top web and print comics reviewers are teaming for All-Star Savage Critic, a much-needed aggregator of informed opinion. This is the first of what our gut suspects will be many such “star team ups” as web content seeks to become slightly less chaotic.

The Magnificent Seven! The World’s Greatest Comics Reviewers! Amazing! Spectacular! Web of! (Is there someone else’s Intellectual Property we can infringe upon?!?)

The Savage Critic, America’s snarkiest comics review website, brainchild of Comix Experience’s Brian Hibbs, is expanding its roster with a relaunch on Monday, July 16th at

Joining Hibbs, and Savage Critic regulars Jeff Lester and Graeme McMillan, is a new all-star line-up of comic’s best critics, including:

Johanna Draper Carlson, of Comics Worth Reading!

Diana Kingston-Gabai, of Sententia 3.0!

Abhay Khosla, notorious comics commentator (without his own website)!

Joe McCulloch, of Jog – The Blog!

Douglas Wolk, author of Reading Comics: How Graphic Novels Work and What They Mean!

“Dude, I mean, seriously – isn’t this the coolest line-up of comics critics you’ve ever seen in one place?” said Hibbs, “If I was ready to die, I could die happy now!”

“Not that anyone should get any ideas,” added Hibbs quickly.

“Finally, people talking about comics on the internet! Every ancient text has prophesied this day. It’s all true!” said Jog.

“Truly, this is the Savage Critic Age of Argumentative Assessments. Ex cathedra!,” Wolk chimed in.

“The Savage Critics. The blog of dreams. Men’s dreams. It STINKS of men, of… oops, my bad, someone left a Jim Balent comic on the counter. Where was I… right. It STINKS of men. Of DOORWAYS and abandoned, obsolete blog links used as URINALS. Of alcohol-soaked morning sweat and stale cigarette smoke and inky diesel fumes and sickening-sweet aftershave and how the hell did I end up at San Diego Comic-Con?” added Kingston-Gabai

The Savage Critic relaunches on Monday, July 16th at