Yes, it appears that every weekend out commenting system goes off on a 3-day bender, and leaves everything kerflooie in its wake.

In brutal honesty, we have no idea what is wrong with the server, and neither does our Thunderbirds Tech team. Our webhost doesn’t answer phone calls, like a sadly increasing number of webhosts; my traffic meter is also down.

As if that isn’t bad enough, we had a great kibbles and bits today that we had been collecting all weekend, but stupid, stupid Scribefire ate the entire post, and we are sorely pressed for time today…so no kibbles ‘n’ bits. And no we don’t normally use Scribefire…we were “experimenting.” You see where that gets you?


  1. Hmmm…it’s starting to make those geriatric Geocities sites look pretty good, huh? (Just kidding–sorry for your webhosting woes)!