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Are you tired of ASBARTBW #10 yet? We’re sure many people are. As if the poorly masked swearwords weren’t enough, apparently a scene where Batgirl hits ’em where it hurts was removed, as tracked down by blogger Ty Buttars, who quotes inker Scott Williams:

And when the infamous All Star Batman and Robin #10 comes out in it’s sanitized version, this page will not appear as it does does here. Batgirl was redrawn so that she does not take out her attackers by putting the squeeze on the “jewels”. One of MANY alterations this issue has gone through.

Buttars links to a Spanish-language page by Ferran Delgado that has a before and after–you’ll have to go there for the full-sized injury to the nads.

Frankly, we’re a bit surprised that this was removed. Based on our recent moviegoing experiences viewing movie trailers — there is nothing funnier than an injury to the nads. It’s a universal law, like “Batman wins.”

[Thanks to reader BS for the link.]

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  1. Injury to the nads is now a universal element in movies, even those made for the kiddies. Witness the slo-mo shot-and-reaction in Kung Fu Panda. Also in Speed Racer and multiple times in Indy IV.

    (Note that Indy IV is an apt numeration, as IVs had to be given to Harrison Ford after nearly every action sequence. Not that he nor the franchise have gotten old.)

  2. I gotta say, I think the after versions imply more injury to the nads. The before ones look like she’s just groping them. Maybe if her hands had been shaped more like fists it would’ve implied more injury.

  3. We, well okay I, would love to see the other pages in unaltered and unADULTeRATED form..
    they must be out there somewherez… I betcha

  4. I find the imperitus on this sort of editorial decision odd.

    They should just let the comic go as the writer and artist want, unless totally out of control. This is not such a time, imo.