Arcade Fire soundtrack — check — but the remake by Peter Gabriel? “My body is a cage.” So this is a remake of AVATAR?

Yes it is! White man comes to savage land as savior and leads them against six-armed green guys and rescues atmosphere!

But — no Woola? A brief glimpse of Tars Tarkas. Incomplete grade.

Likes: Taylor Kitsch looks good. Lynn Colllins looks great as Dejah Thoris but she is wearing lots of clothes and the red Martians don’t look very red.

Unknown if like or unlike: Looks like Pixar is playing this very straight, which I guess you would have to. And considering that Avatar is the highest grossing movie ever — and was pretty much a rip-off of John Carter — its success made making this finally possible and so we have come full circle IP wise.


  1. I think that was a brief glimpse of Sola not Tars. I’d have cast JC a little older and more rugged, with hair like Andrew Jackson rather than a guy from a grunge band circa 1992.

    Pixar didn’t make this film, although it’s Andrew Stanton, it’s Disney– Pixar did some initial designs for the Martian lifeforms in the early stages. I believe that’s the extent of their involvement.

    This is the only US film I am looking forward to seeing in the next 12 months.

  2. We’ve been waiting for this since Bob Clampett’s attempt to bring “Princess” to life in 1935. Sighs and triumph x 10; this is going to be freaking AMAZING.

    Lance Roger Axt
    The AudioComics Company

  3. The Gabriel track is from his You Scratch My Back album from a few years ago, so it wasn’t recorded specifically for the movie. Might just be placeholder music.

  4. I still think Hugh Jackman is the best choice (currently)to play John Carter.

    And as for the incomparable Dejah Thoris? That’s tough.

    Demi Moore?

  5. Looks very nice and totally intriguing. But doesn’t look anything like John Carter to me… I was thinking more of an Indiana Jones type adventure movie, bright, sexy and violent. This looks gritty, dirty and full of pathos.
    I really want to see how this is going to be received by people who don’t know anything about the books.
    Stanton can definitely direct live action.

  6. I guess I’m disappointed in this because I saw an inhouse 10 minute promo film made by Paramount when they had A Princess of Mars in pre-production. The film showed dozens of spectacular paintings of Barsoom, its cities, people and warcraft. There was even test CGI of the Tharks and a speech by Tars Tarkus, and it all put this trailer to shame. But Paramount’s contract on the material expired after several years and to renew it would have cost $2 million. When they offered ERB Inc 10% of that to renew it, ERB Inc refused and it ultimately was picked up by Disney (again) who had previously had the property and let it go.

  7. “Yes it is! White man comes to savage land as savior and leads them against six-armed green guys and rescues atmosphere!”

    Thanks for the spoilers ;)

    I hope this movie is good and it puts John Carter into the “hearts and minds” of all the people of Earth.