It’s a bit saddening to see that P**** H*****’s fame is so vast that it has extended even to Alan Moore’s brain pan. Otherwise it’s a delightful video.


  1. This was on Channel Five yesterday early evening, as part of a 45 minute documentary by Lee on blasphemy – something Lee’s Jerry Springer The Opera made very a very personal journey.

    If you can get the Jerry Springer The Opera DVD, you really should.

  2. I could care less about Alan Moore and his views. But, I have difficulty imagining the delightful adjective being used to describe a video that includes the statement “frightening and dangerous mindset” for a leftist organization. A better term would’ve been interesting. Unless people with differing views are not welcome to the Beat.

  3. Depends if the leftist organization has a frightening and dangerous mindset. Or how seriously the leftist organization takes itself. Or how fragile it feels when confronted when criticism.

  4. Wha-huh? Come on, peeps. Differing veiwpoints are welcome here in the Beat comment section. Ad hominem attacks are not — only The Beat is allowed those!

    If you don’t think footage of Alan Moore ordering black tea and discussing a fluffly blond haired snake god is delightful, I’m sorry.

  5. I just think it was a poorly written statement – you discuss the Hilton reference (the blond haired snake) then separate “the rest of the video” – which dealt with his religion/America rant and described that as delightful. I meant no offense – I’m sure conservatives dollars are accepted at Mile High just like liberals. But, I accept your apology – thanks. I visit the Beat regularly and really like it and use to get the info on my favorite hobby.

  6. Pete, I’m not sure what leftist organisation you’re refering to. My interpretation of this was that he was describing the idea that Christianity is fundamentally based on ideas of the 1930s as a frightening and dangerous mindset.