You thought Marvel was the only publisher to release cryptic teases? Think again, dear reader! Over the past two days AHOY Comics has released a pair of teasers for a project coming in Spring of 2022. The two teasers, simple white text set against a black background, appear to call back to one of the greatest crossover events in comic book history.

Yesterday’s teaser promises that “Words will be written.”

While today’s teaser adds, “Words will be deleted.”

The cadence and word choice of the teasers feels more than a little akin to the slogan for the iconic DC Comics event Crisis on Infinite Earths: “Worlds will live. Worlds will die. And the DC Universe will never be the same!”

A house ad for Crisis on Infinite Earths includes the classic tagline.

Is there a third teaser from AHOY coming tomorrow? It seems likely. Do these cryptic teases portend a Crisis-level superhero event for the publisher? Anything’s possible!

After all, AHOY Comics has a number of separate superhero worlds already set up in their series. They recently introduced an Important New Superhero Universe in the pages of Mark RussellBryce IngmanPeter KrauseKelly Fitzpatrick, and Rob Steen‘s My Bad. They’ve also got superhero Sunstar running around with Jesus Chris in the pages of Russell, Richard PaceLeonard KirkAndy Troy, and Steen’s Second Coming. AHOY editor-in-chief Tom Peyer has also introduced multiple superheroes in different titles, from Penultiman with Alan RobinsonLee Loughridge, and Steen, to the Challengers of the Unknown-esque team Hashtag: Danger with Chris GiarrussoRandy Elliott, Troy, and Steen.

And then there’s The Wrong Earth, Peyer’s series with Jamal IgleJuan Castro, Troy, and Steen. The series explicitly establishes a multiverse as it follows the adventures of Dragonfly, a hero from a dark, ‘realistic’ world, and Dragonflyman, who comes from a campy, Silver Age-esque world, who accidentally swap worlds, and then are forced to team up to face off against another version of themselves, Man-Dragonfly. These teasers are probably for the third installment of the Wrong Earth series, but wouldn’t it be fun if they pulled in all the other superhero-adjacent AHOY titles as well?

And why stop there? Let’s get the other AHOY books involved. Captain Ginger and his crew can join forces with Edgar Allan Poe and Brita from Bronze Age Boogie in a battle against Billionaire Island‘s Business Dog! The unfrozen jocks from Planet of the Nerds could die and go to High Heaven, where they meet Second Coming‘s God! The possibilities are endless! And if AHOY Comics has conditioned its readers for anything, it’s to Expect More.

Keep an eye out for more on these teasers and what’s next for AHOY Comics in the coming days and weeks.

(Header Image: Joe Grunenwald. Graphic Design is my passion.)