We received some photos — retrieved at great peril — of our pal Bob Burden at Dragon-Con.

Bob W Eyebaqll Guys 2

Our roving reporter spotted Bob Burden right after his supervillain panel in the back of the bar area, apparently plotting something with these henchmen types.

Bob W Eyeball Guys 1

When Burden noticed our press badge, he shouted, “Get him!” and sent his “eyeball thugs” after us. Though our camera was taken by brute force, our brave reporter managed to snatch the memory stick and secrete it on his person. Later, the camera was found in a hotel stairwell, inundated with Silly Putty, PEZ tablets and Fun String!


  1. Henchmen? They remind me of the Marty Feldman character from ‘Young Frankenstein’ or for that matter Cerebus (Sims put him in ‘Guys’, I’m not sure if he was in some other books).

  2. Isn’t “evil clone” an oxymoron if the original was good?
    And, yes, he has hired the Feldmen, a notorious gang of genchmen. The original Feldman, long since deceased as such is the way of all henchmen, had left the Groucho Gang in the 1960s. Older afficianados will remember the Grouchos for their signature glasses, fake noses and mustaches, and an obsessive infatuation with magic words.
    There is also an upstart retro gang, known as the Googlers, who disguise themselves with novelty eyewear, such as x-ray specs, prismatic glasses, and 3-D movie glasses.
    They should not be confused with the Ray Band. The Googlers’ style is geek and manic; the Rays tend to be more hip, stylish, and laid-back.
    Do not confuse the Feldmen with Igors. Igors are highly trained assistants, usually specializing in the Natural Sciences. Alfred Pennyworth is the best known example.
    The National Henchmen Memorial, located in the old 92nd Street subway station on Broadway in New York City, is an excellent resource.

  3. Invariably, henchmen tend to screw up by themselves, as Murphy’s Law is inversely proportional to one’s level of skill and knowledge.
    The talent pool for henchmen is “a mile wide and a foot deep” [1], populated mostly by petty thieves and fanboy wannabe villains. The henchmen system serves as a farm system for future villains, in much the same way that sidekicks eventually become either heroes or poignant reminders of epic failure and guilt for the mentoring hero.
    [1] The Nebraskan, comparing henchmen to the Platte River. His regional network of assistants (“Blackshirts”) has produced many successful young men and women, with only one fatality, USDA Prime, who was senselessly slaughtered by the Omaha Maverick.

  4. Pardon me..but I don’t know who Bob Burden is or any of those guys. I came across with this site and was fascinated with the pictures. The guys in costumes look so interesting and weird, in a good sense. They remind me of cosplay. It is fun to be in a public place wearing unusual clothes. ^ ^