Hey there! The Beat is back! The Beat never really left, but we figured that what with the server overload it was best to just lie low over the holiday, and get ready for the sprint to the finish line.

We’ll have a future post with all the gory technical details — including what to do when the permissions on your image folder go awry — but suffice to say that the move to the new server seems to have actually worked. Of course, it came with a price — apparently one of the scripts in the Beat template was so memory intensive that it automatically maxed out all the memory and processing on the new DEDICATED SERVER. Oops.

Thus the various outages during the holiday as we tinkered with the proper settings to get things actually running smoothly. After messing with the way the front page looks a bit, the site seems to be performing well, loading at a normal time, and looking pretty again, to boot.

We did have to tinker with the front page a little, but it should still be readable, and if our stats are correct, most of you come in via some other method anyway. The reality is the blog layout isn’t as important as it used to be– but it is still pretty damned important.


Anyway, we’re horribly sorry for the inconvenience and lack of posting over the last week, but the downtime was useful in many regards and you were all out shopping anyway.

If you are still having any problems seeing or loading The Beat, leave a comment here or drop us a line.


  1. I love the computer in the image, if they made a modern machine that looked like that I’d buy it in a heartbeat.

  2. Best wishes for the adjustments to the site. While you’re at it, do you mind if I share some of my niggling gripes?

    The format of your front page seems a bit inflexible, making it hard to read some of the blurbs. For example, there’s no distinction between regular text and quoted text. The blurbs seem to be limited to a set amount of text, which can be frustrating if the whole article is only a few words longer than the blurb.

    Some sites have links that automatically open a new tab in your browser, but The Beat links always send me off to the new site within the current tab, so i have to backtrack when I want to go back to the Beat. I know i could Right-click and select the option of a new tab, but it would be nice not to have to think about it.

    Thanks for listening!