Action Lab Comics, host to Princeless, Molly Danger and countless other digital comics, have announced at C2E2 that they’ll be dropping the price on all their comics later on this year. The $3.99 comics – which are typically over thirty pages long – will drop to $2.99, whilst the 20-page comics will drop from $2.99 to $1,99. This puts Action Lab ahead of all their competition for price, with Marvel and DC still struggling with the idea of $3.99 20-page comics.


The company also revealed that this Summer they’ll also be producing oversized hardcover collections of some of their titles, with Jamal Igle’s Molly Danger series the first Action Lab comic to be collected. Released this July, the first oversized hardcover of Molly Danger will be 48 pages long, and retail for $19.99.


  1. $3.99 for something I cannot re-sell, or can hold as an actual object that costs any company NOTHING to ship ,is too damned expensive. I do not and will not start buying digital items that I do not, truly and actually own, until the price is equal to the perceived value. No shipping costs, no printing costs and nobody earning a living in a store selling the comics to me means they ought to be at the very most, half of what they cost. My opinion and I am sure people disagree, but if it is my comic bought and paid for, then like a paper one, I should be able to sell it.

  2. That’s awesome news! Hopefully some of the bigger companies will pay attention to what a smaller publisher can do for readers! Big props to the guys at Action Lab for this move!!!!!

  3. Nice to hear of a price drop. Nice to hear of Action Lab; I am not familiar with them or their logo. And yes, $4 is too expensive for a cloud rental comic.

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