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This weekend it’s the very first Ace Comic Con! This new concept in comic cons is courtesy of the Shamus Brothers, Stephen and Gareb, and  offers an “in the round” experience at the Nassau Coliseum, with a guest line up that consists of the entire Justice League, minus Affleck. The programming includes lots of comics content, and Geoff Boucher, late of Hero Complex, has been enlisted to to handle the big talent on stage interviews, a good choice. They have three days of kids programming and a decent slate of comics guests, including Scott Snyder, Afua Richardson and Colleen Doran. 

The timing shows why December in the northeast isn’t optimal for a big event however, as it’s predicted to snow tomorrow, although only a few inches. Seasonal!

This morning, an ACE staffer gave us a tour of the venue:

The celebrities are all on board, with a ‘stached Henry Cavill promoting a scavenger hunt, perhaps to find his upper missing lip:

I have to say, as I quiet the flutters of my heart, in addition to being too handsome to be human, doesn’t Henry Cavill seem like a genuinely nice person? He’s been quite generous with promoting the comics the media he appears in stemmed from, and I’ve never heard a bad word about him.

There’s also a con exclusive Justice League variant by Greg Horn, memba him?dc_sm75-acecomicon-2018_cvrs-r1-1_11.jpg

The guest list also includes The Undertaker – in an EXTREMELY rare appearance – and the Hardy Boys but Friday only.

Sadly, Jon Bernthal’s appearance has been cancelled because he had to evacuate his house.


Good thoughts to him and all those affected by the horrific fires.

The big headline for Ace is the price of a group photo with the whole Justice League cast. That opportunity sold out, so I can’t confirm the price but I seem to recall it was upwards of $500. Whatever it was, it sold out, so, a success even with Justice League failing to perform as hoped.

The Beat will be on the scene at ACE, and at the next event, planned for January 13-15 in Phoenix, with a lineup of Marvel heavy hitters.

It should be noted that during the Shamus era at Wizard World – which they founded – there was a growing tendency to have “noisy” show floors with events taking place right next to booths and so on. This “con in the round” concept is the penultimate evolution of that idea and it might be hell…or it might be a whole new take on cons. We’ll be there to let you know how it goes!


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