Fifty million dollars is a lot of money. And if you were offered this hefty sum as payment for living with a stranger, would you take it? In Phase, Min has hit bottom. Full of debt, homeless, and harboring a secret, it seems like a no-brainer to take the offer. But why does the arrogant billionaire Shuu make this deal? Does he know the truth about the secret Min has been hiding?

Created by Jouki, the Webtoons romance is more than just a quirky love story about two people who kinda hate each other at first. From the beginning, it is obvious Min has some superpowers hidden under all that stress. As the story progresses, we see more of what she can do as well as glimpses at her relationship with her family. As for Shuu, his purpose unfolds a little more slowly. His setup is not much different than a Bruce Wayne or Tony Stark (there are a few Iron Man jokes in the dialogue), but it’s not clear at first if he leans toward sarcastic playboy or broody, tortured soul.

One of the best reasons to read the series is the art. The style is detailed, yet clean, and some panels are just so gorgeous to look at you forget to move to the next panel.

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