The murky waters of the swamp always get the imagination going. While you can bet there are animals crawling and wading through the thick liquid, there may be other, more supernatural secrets floating in the brackish water. In Of Swamp & Sea, monsters and more are emerging from the deep.

Created by Jay Boulton and Laurel Boulton, the new web series begins with a young girl leading a mysterious man through the dark woods. One of his eyes is covered, and very quickly we learn she hired him to handle a beast that has killed someone close to her. Before long, their monster hunt goes off-script in a major way, connecting the pair even more as they uncover secrets, magic, beasts, and more.

One of the first things that attracted me to this story before even reading a panel was the artwork. Besides the clean, fluid aesthetic, the colors are both muted and rich, adding layers and shadows to create just the right atmosphere.

Of Swamp & Sea updates every Wednesday on Webtoons. The first three episodes are free to read now. Click here to begin.

Of Swamp & Sea



  1. Definitely recommended! The fanbase is pretty awesome, too. How do we contact you to suggest others that deserve a spotlight?

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