Over the past ten years, manga publisher Saturday AM has established a unique catalog of titles from a diverse stable of creators. Billed as “The World’s Most Diverse Manga Anthology,” the publisher produces a trio of anthology series for different audiences, from the flagship Saturday AM for younger male readers, to Saturday PM for older male readers, to Saturday Brunch for girls, women, and the LGBTQ+ community. Today The Beat is pleased to offer a look at the full first chapter to one of the publisher’s Saturday PM series, artist JR De Bard‘s Underground, Vol. 1.

Here’s how Saturday AM describes Underground, Vol. 1:

In Underground, Volume 1, Karim Yun, a biracial taekwondo fighter, pits his skills against New York’s most brutal underground martial artists.

Seeking revenge against the violent gang who attacked him and ended his Olympic dreams, he’s determined to battle every colorful combatant in his path.

His only obstacle is the illness brought about by the violent attack, which could kill Karim if he becomes too reckless—serving as his conscience is his nurse, who is trying to push him into changing his lifestyle but is learning more about the danger and the allure of secret mixed martial arts contests.

Created by black belt martial artist JR De Bard, this sports manga provides a detailed look into the world of underground fight clubs. Exploring fighters from various disciplines with realistic tactics and movements will thrill and educate readers.

Underground is rated OT for Older Teen, recommended for ages 16 and up.

Check out the full first chapter of the series below. Underground Vol. 1 is serialized in Saturday AM’s Saturday PM anthology, available to read digitally via the publisher’s app and in print now.

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