It’s the Adventure Time era of indie comics, as quirkily drawn fantasies about cute folks having cute adventures dot the comics landscape. But then there’s Travelogue by Aatmaja Pandya, the kind of sweet, breathless, mysterious, all-heart comic that shows you how it is done.

The set-up is pretty simple: Nana is a  little wizard, old in years but new in experience, who travels with two warriors, Adi and Emerene, and Princess the goat. The story is about the journey not the experience, with lovely sunrises, beautiful seascapes and the occasional unexplained needle to the heart, all drawn in a lovely, expressive style. Travelogue  has updated sporadically for the last few years — it would be great to have it more often but we’ll take what we can get,

Apparently there was a Travelogue mini at MoCCA last weekend but I missed it! 

Pandya is part of the blockbuster SVA class that also produced Hazel Newlevant and Molly Ostertag. She has two other projects that have finished,  “Baker’s Dozen, a coming-of-age story set in a South Asian fantasy world, and The Bell Blues, a slice-of-life webcomic about a bunch of grungy youths in a band,” accoridng to her Patreon page. 

She’s probably best known for Phantom,  a powerful comic about gentrification. But her website is actually full of free comics. Go dig in. Pandya is a name you wil be hearing a lot of in the future.


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