A long time ago, the NY Times ran serialized comics every Sunday. That ended after a few years, but cartoonists are frequently seen in its pages, illustrating stories and contributing thoughtful comics.

Today the Times goes all in again, turning the entire Sunday magazine section into comics, with 12 stories illustrating various aspects of New York life. Contributors include Kevin Huizenga, Sammy Harkham, Tillie Walden, David Mazzucchelli, Bill Bragg, Robert G Fresson, Wesley Allsbrook, Bianca Bagnarelli, KL Ricks, Andrew Rae, Francesco Francavilla,  and Tom Gauld. It’s a totally classy and serene line-up in the Sunday Times tradition. (The paper is tradiionally read in bed Sunday morning/afternoon with coffee and a bagel.)

The stories were all reported by metro section editors and then adapted by the cartoonists. The sole exception is Gauld’s story which was written by reporter Andy Newman. It involves a New Yorker who loses his spectacular view of the Hudson River and sunsets (losing views is all too common during the building boom of the Teens) and the result is the kind of dry, man vs. progress Gauld  excels at. I haven’t read the rest of the stories yet, as I’m waiting for my coffee and bagel to arrive.

You can read all the stories right here.



  1. Very cool and enjoyable. Some stories are easier to read than others, and some make better use of the ‘comic’ medium than others, but definitely worth checking out on the link you so generously provided. Cheers!

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