I really like Francois Vigneault’s Titan. It’s a spectacular science fiction comic. It follows the story of MNGR João da Silva, as he is sent to Homestead Station on the moon of Titan to assess the issues with the station and gets caught in long simmering tensions between the genetically engineered workers and the small team of management. The conflict on the verge of erupting could have repercussions and disrupt the whole solar system. Caught between his management duty and the conflicts that are arising, he befriends Titan worker Phoebe who shares his goals to de-escalate tensions on the station, as well as a love of classical music.

It’s beautifully illustrated and has a very interesting tone to it. I particularly like how each different chapter uses a different colour. Each issue is using a basic black and white and will include one colour, whether it’s bright yellow, purple or green depending on the issue. It gives the series a very interesting look and really complements his art.

Titan is available for free on the Study Group comics website. Start reading here and the whole series is available right here. You can also buy printed copies of Titan, the first four issues are out with two more on the way. If you speak French and don’t mind waiting a little bit, there will be a collected version of Titan coming in from Montreal publisher Pow Pow Press later in 2017.

François Vigneault
Study Group Comics
$5.00 (per issue)
Buy online

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