No, not that Tinder. You don’t need to swipe left or right on this webcomic (but if you want to run with that metaphor, you should absolutely swipe right).

You know that feeling when you have a crush, like your insides are going to explode with how much you like that person? How would you feel if that nervous, explosive feeling somehow registered so other people could see your feelings in real-time? It would be embarrassing, probably, but maybe… just maybe… it would help you reveal your feelings to your crush in a low-stakes way.

In Rhael McGregor‘s Tinder, classmates at a magical school admire each other from afar until their feelings are too obvious to ignore. This short and sweet romance comic is a perfect read as we head into Valentine’s Day, but it’s also just a really great slice-of-life piece that features two queer characters who (spoiler alert!) get a happy ending.


McGregor excels at creating short comics that are full of emotion — like last year’s Counting Sheep — and Tinder is no exception. Through sketched lines, muted colors, and essentially no dialogue, McGregor establishes everything we need to know about these characters and their love story to make us fall head over heels. I honestly can’t get over just how sweet this story is; I’ve revisited it thrice since discovering it a few months ago.

You can read Tinder on Tapas. To see more of McGregor’s work, follow @raysdrawlings on Twitter. You can grab copies of their comics or support through Ko-Fi via these links.