Peter Pan is a fairly well-known story. The boy who refuses to grow up lives in a magical land filled with pirates, mermaids, and tenacious crocodiles. There are also other lost children, specifically boys, who are the land’s eternally young inhabitants. Updates and sequels, such as Hook where Robin Williams plays an older version of Peter who decided to finally grow up and get married, do exist, but in Wendybird, the Webtoons series puts Wendy at the center and modernizes the entire tale.

Created by WmW (Spells From Hell) and Thabfu, the story centers on Wendy Darling, a headstrong 17-year-old who dreams of escaping her humdrum life and strict family for a life of adventure. Her father shares stories of the legendary Peter Pan, but when Wendy and her sisters play-act it out, they are the heroes, not the boys. Before long, the real Peter Pan ends up in her room searching for his shadow (again), and before long Peter, Wendy, and her sisters are flying toward Neverland.

The retelling of the classic children’s story offers an updated, modern version where the genders are balanced and the racism is gone, but the adventure is still exciting. It also offers a young hero who is tired of the biases thrust upon her and is ready to show the world that she is more than just a ready-made wife and mother. Wendy is creative, smart, and fearless, and it is up to her to keep everyone safe from threats large and small.

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