Have you had a chance to enjoy the incredible online comics posted by Pseudonym Jones yet? The cartoonist’s Twitter feed is filled with some of the best character design you’ll ever have the pleasure of laying eyes on. 

Fanlee, Spätzle, and More

Fanlee & Spätzle: Origins. Note the presence of the Master Number, 22.

Jones has a variety of original characters who are often featured in the comics she posts to her Twitter. These include Fanlee & Spätzle, the best bird & bear combo team since Banjo shoved Kazooie in a backpack.

As the years have passed, the world of Fanlee & Spätzle has expanded, featuring and increasingly large supporting cast, including Sethiroth the trans Axolotl and Shing, the “power tool queer” who fondly recalls getting a buzz saw as a childhood Xmas gift.

In addition to her original characters, Jones also frequently posts fan art. Often (but not exclusively) the subject of these pieces are either Pokémon (especially members of the original batch of 151) or characters from the animated online cartoon Homestar Runner by The Brothers Chaps.

Jones has mentioned on more than one occasion that she would like to make a Homestar Runner OGN, and frankly… what a dream. 

And finally, Jones also posts self-portraits. These both share details about her personality and life, and also depict the trans experience from a deeply informed and intelligent perspective.

Pseudonym Jones

Ben Drowned.

You will want to follow Jones on Twitter in order to keep up with all of her latest work.

If you’d like to read more about Emma, check out my visit to Hollyhill, the Animal Crossing island she shares with her wife, from the summer of 2020.


And if you’d prefer to read about Fanlee & Spätzle on paper, you can purchase a copy of Fanlee & Spätzle Make Something Perfect from Silver Sprocket.

Finally, consider sending Jones a tip via Ko-Fi if you’re enjoying her incredible artwork.

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