We have a fascination with creepy old buildings. While some locations have a sordid history that lends itself to the supernatural, some places are just old. Nevertheless, the sight of an abandoned house gets the imagination going. Derelict places are also perfect for dares among friends and ways to see who can really handle a little darkness. In PARA-Professional what begins as an adventure turns into a mystery much scarier than two amateur ghost hunters could ever imagine.

Created by MatJester, the horror tale focuses on Gene and Deg, two young ghost hunters who decide to enter an abandoned house one spooky evening. The place is at the center of a dare for Gene, who enlists the more skittish Deg to tag along in the quest for ghosts. Before long, thumps are heard and Deg sees the apparition of a young child. The two friends are sucked into a supernatural world where they must untangle a very dark mystery.

PARA-Professional is more than scares and spookiness. The relationships within the story make it a compelling read where you are invested in the characters, both alive and dead. The art is also quite pretty, even in some of the darker, unsettling panels.

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