Rest Area 51, a tapas original by Coleman Engle and Caleb Goellner .

In Rest Area 51 by Coleman Engle (Steven Universe) and Caleb Goellner (Sonic the Hedgehog; Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles), Grayce Green is bummed out because she’s going to have to spend the summer at the Area 51-themed rest stop that was owned by her late grandmother. But Grayce learns that while it may be a rest stop, it isn’t geared toward drivers on the Nevada highway – it’s an intergalactic refueling station frequented by extraterrestrial travelers!

The action begins when the Green family arrives at the inherited rest stop, where they’re soon greeted by a suspicious police officer.

While her parents deal with the intrusive officer, Grayce is sent out back to play by her parents, where she finds a mysterious life form. Further investigation leads her to the discovery that her assumptions about Rest Area 51 being an average roadside gas station may not have been accurate!

The Green family arrives at Rest Area 51.

Soon, Grayce has met Starla, an alien, and her pet Torctus (a half-turtle, half-cactus), and she can’t wait to learn more about the clandestine world she’s stumbled upon. What adventures will Grayce, Starla, and Torctus face next?

Rest Area 51
Starla and Starla’s mom run Rest Area 51 (with a little help from Torctus).

The first three episodes of Rest Area 51 are available now, with new entries to be made available on Wednesdays and Saturdays. You can follow Engle on Instagram and Goellner on Twitter in order to keep up with the latest updates to the series.

Grayce can’t wait to learn more about Rest Area 51! What do you think?

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