Everyone wants to debate whether or not comic book movies should actually look like comic books — but hardly anyone talks about whether or not comic books should look like movies. Until I started reading Superpose by Seosamh and Anka, I must admit the idea never really occurred to me — but this stunning webcomic is so cinematic that reading it feels like watching a movie, which makes this sci-fi, queer epic all the more unique and engaging.

In addition to framing chapters of the comic between opening titles and end credits (some of them animated!), Seosamh and Anka write and illustrate Superpose in such a way that each panel feels like a shot in a movie. The comic feels like it’s moving, to the point that once I got caught up in the story (read: immediately), I almost forgot I was reading, rather than watching the events unfold. Some of the chapters even have music attached, which is awesome.

Here’s the full synopsis, rating, and content warnings:

198X: SUPERPOSE takes place in the seaside town of PORT CITY— “a place out of time”. Port City boasts a popular boardwalk and tourist attractions, and Roman Labs, an aerospace-turned-tech company since fallen into obscurity. Port City is where Rafael (recently-graduated without prospects) and Royal (business school dropout) grew up, and where Kas (unsung astrophysicist with something to prove) will beach themself.
This is where they put into motion something to shake Port City from its standstill. Changing history begins with the machine. ★

(You can also check out chapter-specific summaries.)

In addition to trans main characters and queer relationships of all kinds, Superpose also features a striking and wonderful amount of body diversity, nuanced explorations of blood- and found-family, and super-sharp commentary on class oppression and racism as it pertains to the school-to-prison pipeline, accessibility, job prospects, and more. Plus, the creators dive deep into the ’80s sci-fi aesthetic, which makes everything feel even more atmospheric and interesting. Just look at the website if you want proof of what I mean.

Currently in its third arc, Superpose is updated regularly at superposecomic.com, as well as on Tapas. If you support the comic on Patreon, you can get sneak peeks and additional (sometimes mature) content; plus, you can grab merch at the Superpose store. You can also keep up with the creators on Twitter @saint_vagrant and @kingfisher_cove.

If you want to read something dynamic, gorgeous, and nuanced, read this. You won’t regret a second. Take a glimpse at some pages from the prologue below.

Superpose preview Superpose preview Superpose preview Superpose preview